SourceCraft Personas

Gregg Pollack's latest project explores OpenSource projects. These shape the future of our technologies and SourceCraft introduces you to the people behind the projects.

The Project

Gregg came to me for help with SourceCraft at it's infacy. The perfect time for research! I opted to take advantage of the project's interviews by leveraging what I could from them for the first iterations of one of our personas. The persona would be entirely based on qualitative for this iteration.

The Process

When it comes to analyzing qualitative interviews, I like to use ideation methods for extracting relavent data. To do this, I first had to carefully listen to Gregg's interviews, examining themes and establishing emerging patterns.

As you can roughly see from the screenshot above, I created myself columns that rather effortlessly grew based on how often the interviewees brought them up. This gave us insight into where these folks might generally think as a whole and thus combine giving us an emerging persona.

Final Deliverable

After spending so much time teasing apart the interviews and my spreadsheet, I could go into Sketch and layout how I might form my fictious person. I try keeping in mind the data most relavent to business viability and product relavency. It's easy getting swept up in details, so keeping your personas aligned with your business can be key to all future discussions around them.