SoupJam KANO Model

The KANO Model is a way to prioritize product features through a survey that analyzes customer's satisfaction and delight.

The Project

SoupJam is a product idea of mine. A kinda Spotify that feeds the hungry. A philanthropic streaming music service trying to find wings or viability. Just for fun, I tried seeing how the KANO Model could help me better see which features my audience might favor over others.

The Survey

I built the survey on Survey Gizmo, my favorite survey tool right now. I love their support, library of questions and reporting tools. I constructed the questions KANO style by presenting features as "What if you had [insert feature]" and then "What if you didn't have [insert feature]". Since it's still live and I still want data, feel free to take the survey!

Take Survey


The fun comes in when you start using the KANO Model to start assessing the desire ability and satisfaction each feature is getting back. You can read The Folded Barrito's very thorough and awesome article about it if you're really curious. Otherwise, I figure you might just prefer to see results. Here's where the different features landed.


So far, it seems the value audiences might perceive from the product idea has a lot to do with the app feeding the hungry as they listen. Every other feature has either hit them negatively or entirely nuetral. Knowing this can help us ensure we're focusing feature effort as well as gives a clue to what our personas might look like.