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I've worked with a range of companies from start-ups to enterprise-level on everything from user validation interviews to front-end implementation. I've created data-backed personas and ran user-testing. I now product design building user interfaces with data backing up every decision.
Ideate. Reiterate. Create.

  • Ideate
  • Reiterate
  • Create

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Pet project engulfed my mind tonight. Had to quench the need to design after doing nothing but data analyzing at work for months.

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The complexities of implementing UX Culture as a low-level UX Designer

If you’re the new UX Designer at a large enterprise level company that’s very much marketing and sales driven, how do you start shifting the conversation of the entire company to focus around product? It’s cultural, isn’t it? And then, is it possible to change something as big as culture at a low-level non-managerial position?

Presentations & Talks

Orlando keeps an active tech scene. I am fortunate to be
able to play a part in it. Here are all the times I had to use my words.

  • The ROI of UX

    Originally a blog post for Code School, I have the chance to speak at the Orlando Developers Meetup about the same topic. Building the slides as we speak!

  • Prototyping at DUX Weekend

    Currently working on slides...

  • Keen IO + UX

    The power of combining UX testing with analytics while showing off the new tool, Keen IO.

  • Let's Animate the Web

    David Khourshid and I took to the BarCamp 2015 stage to explain both the code and UX behind the best animation on the web.

  • Usability for Entrepreneurs

    Gregg Pollack gave me the opportunity to discuss UX's place in business to his Starter Studio participants.

  • What to Expect Out There

    Presented to the graphic technology students at Valencia College, Orlando Florida.


I've crafted a loose template for constructing your next project's personas. Feel free to download, edit and use this tool. I hope find them useful.