With design all things are possible.
With UX Design, we learn how to make it possible.

I've pushed to github. I've drawn caricatures. I've collaborated on designs.
I now brainstorm with startups. Interview users. Collect data. Analyze research. Ideate. Reiterate. Create.

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How Good UX Design Can Affect Your ROI

When you set out to work on a project, depending on the scope, it could be months until it's ready to launch. So how can you make sure you're setting it up for success? For one, a variety of skill sets need to be covered by your team.

Recent Dribbble


Clip of a digital sketch I got going. First one in years so I'm in need of feedback. Suggestions? Huge humble thanks to Justin Mezzell for inviting me to the Dribbbs.

Presentations & Talks

Orlando keeps an active tech scene. I am fortunate to be
able to play a part in it. Here are all the times I had to use my words.

  • The ROI of UX

    Originally a blog post for Code School, I have the chance to speak at the Orlando Developers Meetup about the same topic. Building the slides as we speak!

  • Prototyping at DUX Weekend

    Currently working on slides...

  • Keen IO + UX

    The power of combining UX testing with analytics while showing off the new tool, Keen IO.

  • Let's Animate the Web

    David Khourshid and I took to the BarCamp 2015 stage to explain both the code and UX behind the best animation on the web.

  • Usability for Entrepreneurs

    Gregg Pollack gave me the opportunity to discuss UX's place in business to his Starter Studio participants.

  • What to Expect Out There

    Presented to the graphic technology students at Valencia College, Orlando Florida.